Store Open:

09/20/2023 12:00 AM MDT to 10/30/2023 11:59 PM MDT

Pikes Peak Athletics 2023 - 2

Welcome to the Pikes Peak Athletics online store. This online store has been developed to greatly simplify the team gear ordering process for you. To get started, just select the appropriate sizes and quantities for the items below.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Full refund within 48 hours of order.  Custom imprinted suits, suits with logos or a suit that has the tags removed or has been worn in the water cannot be returned.  Defective suits must be returned within 15 days of delivery.  Sweats cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded after 48 hours of placement of the order.  
SUIT CARE & SIZING RECOMMENDATIONS:  Lycra and Polyester suits are very delicate and life expectancy depends upon care.  Suits should be rinsed in cold water after usage and hung to dry. Do not wring out.  Pool chemistry and wear affect the suit life.  The life of the suit can be reduced dramatically if the suit is left wrapped up in a towel even for a short period of time.  The suit should fit snug, but not so snug that it is uncomfortable.  The suit will stretch and get bigger with usage and especially when wet.  A suit fitted too large will actually wear out quicker because of all the excess water running through the suit.  Lycra and Polyester fit differently!